Oh My, Umay Burger from Zark’s

I have not been putting posts on this blog lately because I’ve been quite busy with work and other stuff, but today I was inspired to do so. But not in the absolute… Continue reading

I’m going MILK TEA Crazy!

Milk Tea is the biggest craze in the Philippines today since Shawarma in the 90’s. Overnight, they grew like mushrooms and each area or corner now is not without a place or kiosk… Continue reading

Bodato Burgers is another way to enjoy burgers.

This morning after a grueling Body Balance class my workout buddy and I were so hungry so we decided to go toTimes Squarein Pacific Star to try Bodato which claims to offer “healthy food alternatives”. … Continue reading

Maculabo Island

Calaguas Islands is composed of different islands, Maculabo was one of the islands we stopped at on the way to the “big island” Calaguas. The sun was scorching hot and this was about 10… Continue reading

Crazy for Mom & Tina’s Tapa and Cupcakes!!!

On our way to Padre Pio’s Church in Libis, we got sidetracked by our hunger so we decided to eat brunch at Mom & Tina’s along C5 road. Their staff recommended as one… Continue reading

Dawey Dawey Eco-Tourism Park

Location: Dawey Dawey Eco Park in Botolan, Zambales  Travel time: Around 5 hours (by private vehicle)  Activities: Swimming, Kayaking, Camping  Area Characteristics: Lake, Camp and Picnic grounds, Beach. Good for Outdoor Activities/ Events. The… Continue reading

Kusina Fortune

Last Sunday I was finally able to go to friend’s eatery. It’s a modest place in the heart of Tondo,Manila and has only been in existence for about 6 months but is already… Continue reading

Jessica Sanchez and the Philippine Azkals

Being a fan of any and all areas of human interest, I just can’t help but come across two contrasting sides of Filipinos that are recently played out on TV.  “Filipinos Love Underdogs”… Continue reading

My Twitter-venture

Albert Einstein once said “The most important question a person can ask is, “Is the Universe a friendly place?”. Since I live in a different time I would like to qualify this and ask… Continue reading

Keep pushing your luck until it stops pushing back.

I have never been lucky at raffle draws but last year I came across a contest with a price I really, really wanted to get. The promo was the Marlboro Red Rush in 2011,… Continue reading